Osteoporosis Facts

Current statistics state that osteoporosis affects 10 million Americans and 8 million women, or 55% of people over 50 are predicted to be affected by osteoporosis. 1 in 2 women will it is predicted have an osteoporosis-related fracture in their lifetime. This is a significant cause of morbidity as hip and spine fractures cause serious impairment of mobility and health concerns related to immobility. There is much in the news about medications and recommended supplements to take, as well as lifestyle changes to help combat osteoporosis. Understanding the disease process helps to understand how these different treatments impact bone density, thereby enabling women to make informed decisions regarding their treatment of osteoporosis and osteopenia.
The majority of bone density, up to 90%, is formed by age 18 in women and age 20 in men. There are two types of cells which form and maintain healthy bone, osteoblasts are responsible for laying down healthy bone matrix which then undergoes mineralization with the aid of calcium, which adds strength. Osteoclasts are cells which are responsible for resorbing older bone, in so doing, the osteoclasts ensure that remaining bone is healthy. In the early years of our lives, the activity of osteoblasts are balanced with osteoclasts. In osteoporosis, the osteoblasts have slowed in their formation of bone, however resorption of bone has continued at its usual rate. Because of this imbalance, bone slowly thins placing a woman at risk of a break or fracture. A number of factors can influence the balance and imbalance of this process:

  • Parathyroid hormone
  • Vitamin D metabolites
  • Prostaglandins
  • Cortisol
  • Sex hormones

Osteoporosis is a term referring to loss of bone density to the extent that a fracture is possible, osteopenia is a term reflecting a degree of bone loss not severe enough to place a person at risk for a fracture. A person’s bone density is determined most accurately by a test, Bone Mineral Density test. The most accurate of these types of tests is the Central DXA, or dual energy x-ray absorptiometry. In this test, the bone density is calculated, and then compared to women of same age and height to determine if there is a process besides aging causing increased bone loss. This calculated density is also compared to women of same height at 30 years of age, and then the calculated difference of bone density determines the degree of bone density loss.

Who Is At Risk For Osteoporosis And Osteopenia?

Women with decreased estrogen ie. Postmenopausal women, premature ovarian failure
Women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, use of aromatase inhibitors
Women who have been on prolonged use of depo-Provera
Women and men who have been on steroids for long periods of time, anticonvulsants. Lithium,heparin
poor dietary intake of calcium and vitamin D
inactive and sedentary people
People of Caucasian, Asian and Latino more so than African American ethnicities
People who use of alcohol excessively (>3/day)
individuals with certain forms of arthritis and gastrointestinal illnesses Read More Here ...

Health Properties Of Blueberries

Blueberries are one of nature’s rare super-foods with so many established health benefits and more being discovered every other week it seems. Blueberries are a good source of vitamin’s C and niacin, the mineral manganese, and a number of potent antioxidants. On top of promoting all good round health, there are specific health benefits of blueberries that make them a very beneficial part of your diet.

Blueberries for Improving Memory

Supplementing your diet with blueberries can improve your memory and learning functions. A study carried out by the University of Reading [1] shows blueberries have a reversing effect on age-related brain degeneration; specifically neuronal and working spatial memory functions.
The experiment, published in the journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine, demonstrates that phytochemical-rich foods (blueberries) increase the ability for enhancing nerve cell function and encourages nerve-cell regeneration. The experiment was carried out on adult rats and lasted for 12 weeks.
Within 3 weeks of being feed blueberry extract, the rats showed improvements in memory function, as well as a decrease in decision-making time. The study gives a scientifically based explanation of the notion that diets high in fruits and vegetables (particularly phytochemicals called flavonoids) improve memory functioning. The findings may also be used in ongoing research into conditions involving cognitive decline, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Benefits of Blueberries in Treating Endothelial Tumors

Blueberries may also inhibit tumor formation in babies, according to a research article published in Antioxidants & Redox Signaling journal [2]. There was some research carried out to investigate the benefits of blueberries as a treatment for endothelial cell neoplasms – a soft-tissue tumor that affects 3-10% of infants. The research indicates that blueberries can inhibit molecular mechanisms responsible for forming tumors.
While further research is required, the findings suggest that blueberries could be a welcome dietary alternative to steroid treatment, surgery, or children having to put up with lesions – which all have their own serious risks and side effects. Read More Here ...

The Achilles Tendon

The Achilles tendon is found at the back of the ankle attached to the calf muscle and the heel bone and is mostly used during the running exercise. Injury may occur when the tendon is overstretched, or due to incorrect footwear giving limited flexibility and comfort.
When this occurs a scar which is less flexible forms over the tendon and this can tear or rupture due to straining. We look into the medical conditions associated with the Achilles tendon in this article which are tendonitis and tendon rupture.

Achilles Tendonitis

This is the inflammation and irritation of the thick tendon. This condition is caused by overuse of the tendon during the running exercise. Most people suffer from this condition due to over-pronation and little or no flexibility whereby after too much running the foot bends, is inflamed and becomes painful. Slight tears may form in the tendon which increases the likelihood of the rapture taking place. Pain on the tendon is felt above the heel and any point on the tendon. Redness, stiffness and heat are felt over the ankle.

Most often it is caused by tired, stressed and over-exercised muscles. This occurs through hill running, drastic increase of the running distance, not properly warming up muscles before working out and running with too much speed.
Inadequate flexibility in running shoes strains the Achilles tendon by limiting its stretching and causing the tendon to twist and strain. Running gait also contributes to this condition whereby the foot rotates inwards.
There are various ways to treat this condition and the most important one is rest. Pain and swelling can be reduced and treated by use of anti-inflammatory drugs and ice packs applied over the area.
Massage three times daily and rest the leg in an elevated position till the nodule disappears. Swimming and gentle stretching are helpful in recovery. The healing process takes 6-8 weeks but medical advice is recommended if no improvement is felt after 2 weeks. To avoid recurrence and further damage of the Achilles tendon one ought to stretch and warm up muscles well before working out or running. Read More Here ...

Tronchanteric Bursitis

As we age, the natural lubricants in our bodies that surround the joints tend to break down, and the sensitive areas can become inflamed and painful. One of the most common examples of this aged related medical condition is known as Trochanteric bursitis, and it directly affects the hip joint. Limited movement is only one of the symptoms of this incapacitating condition, one that is also thankfully treatable.

Symptoms Of Tronchanteric Bursitis

Trochanteric bursitis will usually begin with feelings of tenderness and pain on the outside of the hip joint, and the skin may feel a bit warm to the touch. Over time, the pain increases to the point of occurring every time that joint is moved, through walking, standing or even sitting for lengths of time. The pain will range from mild discomfort to jarring jolts of chronic pain that seem to have no relief, not even when lying down. Any pressure on the affected hip will cause pain, especially when lying on your side.

Causes Of Tronchanteric Bursitis

The causes of this condition can be from a wide variety of reasons. Blows to that particular hip bone could begin the problem, but more often than not the real cause lies in simple aging. As we age, our bodies starts  to lose its natural lubricants that are stored in tiny sacs surrounding each joint, called bursa. As the bursa begins to weaken, they can become irritated by the movement of the joint they surround, and become swollen. Once they swell, the movement of the joint puts additional pressure on them, causing sometimes excruciating pain.
The most common complaint of patients of a certain age is a pain in the hip, most often caused by this form of bursitis. Left untreated, it can quickly become debilitating, every step causing chronic pain, and limiting the range of movement, day by day. The only effective course of treatment will include methods to alleviate the pain and reduce the inflammation of the bursa surrounding the outside of the hip. Seeing your doctor is the first step to take. Read More Here ...

Self Body Image And Children

In terms of personal development, body image can be a major downfall for a lot of people. Since personal development involves positivity about all aspects of your life that also includes how you feel about the way you look. Negative self body image can be incredibly hurtful to yourself and others. It can even be incredibly dangerous triggering all kinds of harmful thoughts and actions due to desperation to achieve a certain look. More importantly, negative self body image can negatively affect children. Here are some of the ways that negative self body image can affect children.

What many parents do not realize is that their children, particularly those that are very young, look up to their parents. They see them as role models. A role model is someone that they want to emulate. You are someone that they aspire to be in the beginning because you are familiar and all that they know at the time. When you say negative things about how you look, they will hear it. What they won’t do is understand. Children are not born with prejudices about what is attractive and what is unattractive; they are taught it through their life and influenced by their surroundings. When they hear a parents say things like they’re fat, hideous, unloved, should starve, go on a diet, die, etc. that affects the children. Many of them will not understand why someone that they love and look up to would walk about themselves like that because they love you unconditionally, flaws and all.

What all of this means to children is that the older they get, the more they may feel that negative self body image is normal. They have watched and listened to their parents due this their entire lives, so they don’t see it as harmful or problematic. The older they get, the more inclined they are to do it to themselves and keep passing it down the line to their descendants. This then leads to more perpetuated images of what beauty is and how one should hate themselves if they don’t live up to that standard. This can then lead to medical problems like depression, eating disorders, or possibly even suicide. Read More Here ...

Endometriosis – a Short Introduction

Endometriosis exists in different forms with different symptoms, signs and prognoses. It is defined as endometrial-like tissue outside the uterus. It occurs when tissues similar to the lining of the uterus grow outside of the uterus.

The precise source of endometriosis isn’t currently fully understood. It is considered one of the three major causes of female infertility. Rarely, it can occur outside the pelvis.  For those who have endometriosis and if you do become pregnant, the ailment is not likely to place your pregnancy in danger.

Endometriosis will probably stay problematic so long as menstruation persists. It can cause pain and infertility. How endometriosis affects fertility isn’t clearly understood. Read More Here ...

Vertigo Symptoms And Treatment

There are a number of different causes of vertigo.  Not all indicators will be experienced by every individual, and other signs are possible. Any or each one of these extra symptoms is indicators of a severe condition and must be regarded as a warning sign to find medical attention. These signs could indicate a significant health problem. Therefore it’s important to get medical treatment once possible. They can have a severe impact on the daily lives of people suffering from them. An excellent way to cut back the indications of vertigo is to maintain your blood pressure in check. Though they get clear on its own without any treatment, however if you find difficulty in tolerating its symptoms then you would be glad to know that there are many remedies available in the market for getting rid of Vertigo symptoms. In rare cases, where they last for months or years, surgery may be recommended.

An additional way to deal with vertigo is with acupuncture that may cause relaxation and stress reduction and knock out the headaches and nausea that accompany vertigo. If your vertigo results from Meniere’s disease, there are a lot of treatment choices for both vertigo and other symptoms caused by the condition. Vertigo is usually the result of an issue with the manner balance works in the inner ear, though it can also be brought about by problems in specific parts of the brain. In the health care sense, vertigo doesn’t mean a fear of heights. One needs to understand vertigo isn’t a disease but a symptom. Vertigo and disequilibrium can cause a sense of dizziness, but those 2 terms describe various symptoms.

Dizziness is frequently a consequence of vertigo too. In rare instances, dizziness can be an indication of a more severe health issue. There are steps that you can take to handle the dizziness connected with BPV. Occasional dizziness isn’t something to be worried about. Severe dizziness is known as vertigo. The term dizziness” is frequently used for milder feelings of lightheadedness, yet this word has to be distinguished from signs such as balance difficulty, fainting, or fundamental weakness. Read More Here ...

The Real Pain of Bunions

Bunions are often due to incorrect foot mechanics. They can lead to significant pain as well as difficulty walking. Bunions, also called hallux valgus, are among the more prevalent foot issues.

Causes of  Bunions

Bunions are caused by an excessive amount of pressure being set on the interior of the foot at the bottom of the large toe. They can be very painful caused by the pressure of arthritis, and may lead to corns. People with certain foot types are vulnerable to developing bunions.

Typical  Bunions

Bunions are typical in ballet dancers. They are one of the most common forefoot deformities and can be very painful. There are other means to take care of bunions besides surgery. Read More Here ...

The Hidden Secret of Nutrisystem

How to Get Started with Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem is the top diet plan I Have ever tried. The plan that is straightforward is incredibly straightforward to follow. The Nutrisystem plan is really not difficult to follow. It really is very easy to follow and straightforward to comprehend.

The Hidden Treasure of Nutrisystem

The Nutri System is a software which made and is formulated to help individuals shed weight. This program is considerably user-friendly. Nutrisystem program gives an on-line analysis with which you might be able to calculate your calorie requirements. Nutrisystem Ladies’s Program This program provides an excellent way completely alter your own body and to reduce your fat to you!

The Nutrisystem, as with other systems for shedding pounds , also has some drawbacks. The perfect part of Nutrisystem is that I Have lost weight using a program that’s definitely exceptionally simple to follow. Moreover, you can find systems which cater for vegetarians and Diabetics. The part -controlled dietary plan really is not too difficult and simple to follow. Read More Here ...

The Little-Known Secrets to Ritalin


With the growing understanding of using ritalin comes misdiagnoses. Adderall may result in a temporary decline in growth price but doesn’t influence ultimate adult height. Gradual decrease of Ritalin is the very best means to terminate the habit.

RITALIN-SR and a few medications may interact with one another and effect significant aspect consequences. Both of These medications can cause outcomes in individuals with specific health conditions. While Concerta negative effects may be minimal Methylphenidate might produce unwanted facet outcomes that are severe.

Ritalin dependency has a wide selection of outcomes that are negative. Ritalin 10 tablets got two utilizes. On the opposite hand, stimulants can get the potential for real side consequences. The results of Ritalin last about a few hours. Read More Here ...